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We Are

AdvanceMind is a specialist consulting and services organisation focused on advancing business through change leadership. 

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What We Do

Our passion and expertise is in transformation and change management, from planning and engagement to delivery and support.

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Our Story

AdvanceMind was formed by a group of experienced change consultants and project leaders, all passionate about the delivery of sustainable change.

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“We really appreciate your need to have a team who can work in your business as an integral and trusted partner, while providing a wealth of engagement and leadership experience”

Our Practice

Everyone talks about change and digital transformation, if you are not currently involved in change or transformation programme in your business; the likelihood is you will be at some point! The first hurdle we find is how many experts will tell us that change is complex, and that only 30% of change or transformation programmes meet the original objectives they set out to achieve!  Why?

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Our brand and reputation is built on the quality of our engagement and delivery, our consultants and practise leaders understand the importance of high quality interventions that add value to the change process and performance of our client organisations.

Practice Approach 

We take a direct, organised approach to our work. The foundation of which is detailed in the key phases below We find every client engagement differs in requirement so we develop bespoke approaches to each engagement to better suit objectives and budgets.