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1 – Project Planning

Our Project professionals and change leads are experienced and certified practitioners across a variety of project methodologies, so as you would expect we plan diligently and follow the best practise approaches to managing successful projects and programmes in everything we do. We maintain the additional rigor of our quality process collaboratively with our clients and other project partners and suppliers to drive success.

2 – Initiation

We focus on producing a clear and simple project initiation change plan that can either wrap any technical initiation plan or just simply act as the change element. Our Media team support our activity so stakeholders remain informed and engaged and focused on the desired outcomes throughout the journey.

3 – Implementation

Our professional teams embed into your business and can support the overall implementation management collaboratively by either taking full or shared responsibility or shared. We can offer a supplier management capability to support supplier engagement. Our media team also produce update communication and have the capability to produce bespoke online training media.

4 – Enablement

We use our support tools, processes and our media team communication to enable your staff and business to transform into the new environments in a controlled way. This helps to support consistent adoption leadership across the change piece to ensure alignment with your organisational objectives.