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1 – Business Analysis

Even well-established closed change programmes occasionally need a review point, we take a data driven approach through our tools and methodologies, workshops and work outs, so we understand the baseline, and this is an imperative and is key to revitalising change within an organisation and delivering refreshed value to stakeholders. Our deliverable is an executive analysis summary and assessment report with our recommendations and proposed action plan for your consideration.

2 – Redesign Planning

Our consultants often identify the change elements that will or have influenced processes and people over time. Using our workshop/workout approaches we are able to help redesign the key change elements to maintain the redesigned business objectives.

3 – Implement

Our professional teams embed into your business and can support the overall implementation management collaboratively by either taking full or shared responsibility. We also offer a supplier management capability to support supplier engagement. Our media team also produce update communication and have the capability to produce bespoke online training media.

4 – Embed

Our approach to embedding change is to ensure a positive and clear understanding, our consultants and project leaders may include the production of roles and responsibilities, ensuring knowledge transfer and any tools or practise methods are understood. We underpin these developments by applying performance metrics to monitor the ongoing management changes.