Advance Mind | Our Practise
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Our Practise

Everyone talks about change and digital transformation, if you are not currently involved in a change or transformation programme in your business; the likelihood is you will be at some point! The first hurdle we find is how many experts will tell us that change is complex, and that only 30% of change or transformation programmes meet the original objectives they set out to achieve! Why?

There are numerous catalysts for change in any business, such as changing markets, new technology platforms as well as change in policy and process; anyone of these elements can influence the others creating variation and risk. However the greatest variation typically encountered is that of the human kind and yet it’s the human dynamic that delivers the success and underpins sustainability.

While all the elements of change or transformation have to be diligently managed, it’s the human dynamic that needs careful consideration across any project or programme as change influences us all in different ways.

Our practise takes all these elements into consideration, helping you to execute and deliver using holistic approaches to manage your change and transition projects to achieve sustainable success.