Advance Mind | Sustain
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1 – Adoption Validation

Achieving sustainability can be time intensive in any project because old habits are often hard to change. Our approach here is to validate any regression and/or understand what has changed. Our consultants will work with the key stakeholders within your organisation and assess the impact upon employees, business partners and customers or users of the service. Our deliverable is an assessment report with our recommendations and proposed action plan for your consideration.

2 – Process Refinement

Our consultants often identify other change elements that will or have influenced processes over time. Using our workshop/workout approaches we are able to help refine these processes and any associated human behaviour to maintain business efficiency.

3 – Knowledge Transfer

We follow the principle of “Do Once & Share” to enable our client teams to monitor the potential change influencers and to maintain a continuous improvement cycle to keep change on track

4 – Embed

Our approach to embedding change is to ensure a positive and clear understanding, our consultants and project leaders may include the production of roles and responsibilities, ensuring knowledge transfer and any tools or practise methods are understood. We underpin these developments by applying performance metrics to monitor the ongoing management changes.